Restoration Methods

McSpadden Book Bindery was founded in 1936 by C.B. McSpadden when he was a college student. C.B.'s son and daughter-in-law, Corry and Gayle McSpadden, maintained the bindery for over 60 years until their retirement in 2017. Following a lengthy apprenticeship, Mike Butcher, Steve Wheeler, and Eric Wheeler continue the precise methods handed down over the years.

Today's technology cannot replace the quality binding methods used in the years past. Our binding processes are labor intensive and "Hands On" from start to finish. We hand sew our clients books for durability, hand round and shape for eye appeal, and hand finish for a quality look. This eye for detail and hand craftsmanship will result in a finished book that will give you years of satisfaction.


Hand Punching
for Oversewing

Skiving Leather




Restoring color
Spine Replacement
Spine Overlay
Children's Books