A large part of our business is rebinding Study Bibles. We use only genuine leather that is skived for a smooth fit. Our finished binding includes new bible liners, new ribbons, headbands for strength and durability. We also include beautiful gold stamping to your specifications. Our Premium Calfskin is available in over 20 colors. The imported Goat has a natural grain and is available in 5 colors. The imported English Morocco is top of the line in quality and available in black.

Study Bibles


Viewing the Movies

On the left of the page we have sample movies of our process of rebinding books & the steps required. Feel free to view as many or as many times as you like, you as a customer will have a better understanding of what we do in taking great care in rebinding your precious momento's.



Sample Movies
Methods of Rebinding

Beginning of the Process
Step #1

Skiving the Leather
Step #2

Backing the Leather
Step #3

Pasting & Turning
the Leather
Step #4

Rounding the Corners
Step #5

Gold Stamping
Step #6

Cover Finishing
Step #7

Pressing the Book
Step #8

Finished Book
Step #9