Many old and Antiquarian books have been damaged through years of neglect and abuse or have deteriorated over time. These books may be restored to achieve as close as possible the original look of the book. This is desirable for family bibles, heirlooms and other books with decorative or pictorial covers. True restorations are not simply a repair but a reconstruction. The McSpadden Bookbindery specializes in old and rare book restoration and has work around the world in museums, the Vatican collection and private collections.

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Family Bibles

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Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City

The photographs on the left of the screen were from a presentation given by Corry McSpadden in January 2004. The presentation was about Book Binding and its history. Methods of binding has not changed much from earlier days but today some large companies short cut the method and the bindings do not last as they did. Corry and his wife Gayle have kept the the old methods alive.

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Cowboy Hall of Fame - OKC